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You know, I don't talk about it much these days. I feel like people are tired of hearing about it from me.

So, this time, let me tell you the *why*.

It was 1992. I was attending my first OVFF. And they had these ballots out, with songs on them. I thought it was great, that there was this recognition in the community... but I had no idea who to vote for, because I didn't know any of the songs.

So, I didn't vote. I felt a bit more separated, because I simply didn't know the songs of the tribe.

In 1993, at OVFF, I did know enough of the songs to vote. Some of the candidates I voted for won, some didn't. But I knew that they all *deserved* to win, otherwise they wouldn't have been nominated. And the fact that I actually knew about half the songs (and about half the people) on that ballot made me start to think that perhaps had found a place to belong.

In 1994, *I* was nominated for the award. I can't begin to describe how this made me feel- it was completely unexpected. I knew that I didn't stand a chance in hell of winning (and I didn't); but the feeling that there was an *audience* out there that nominated me... well, it was (and is) indescribable.

But, I still only knew about half the songs on the ballot.

In 1995, I was nominated again! Again, I knew that I didn't stand a chance of winning, and voted for those songs that I knew that I thought did deserve to win the award. I was... speechless... when I won that year.

This... feeling. This belonging. *Everyone* deserves it. I had been hooked before, but now I was on a mission. But, something continued to bother me. And it continued in 1996 and 1997- I only knew *some* of the songs, not all of them. I started talking to members of the OVFF concom- would it be possible to do a concert? I am certain that they were already thinking on the same lines; but in 1998, they made it happen.

The first annual Friday night concert. For the first time, attendees at the con were able to know what *all* the songs sounded like, and how the lyrics fitted with the tune.

And it was completely cemented to me. I knew what I was voting for, and why- and the discussions it sponsored at the convention were engaging and universal.

Since that time, many changes have come. Online history. Online voting. Song samples available, so that people around the world can have an impression of this award, what it means, and can participate.

You see, to me, this award, which does its level best to recognize the best in the world; discharges that goal at the end of the Nominating phase.

Every song and every person that appears on the Final Ballot epitomizes the phrase, "Excellence in Filk".

Awards and recognition are not just for the people nominated for the race- they are also for the rest of us. They hold us together, and add a dimension to our community.

And you have an opportunity to participate until Tuesday, when the Nominating Ballot closes.

If you call yourself a filker, you are eligible to submit a ballot. And you have until Tuesday, 31 July to do it.

Vote on the Pegasus Nominating Ballot. Be a part of the community.

It's at www.ovff.org/pegasus/2013nomballot.html

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