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As has been oft-crossposted, the recipients of the 2010 Pegasus Awards are:

2010 Pegasus Awards

* Best Filk Song: "A Thousand Ships" - Ju Honisch and Katy Droege-Macdonald
* Best Classic Filk Song: "Fire in the Sky" - Jordin Kare
* Best Writer/Composer: Heather Dale
* Best Performer: S.J. Tucker
* Best Magic Song: "Where the Magic is Real" - Paul Kwinn
* Best Mad Science Song: "What a Woman's For" - Seanan McGuire

Now for the commentary... :)

1. I think it's really cool that Seanan gets a tiara and a Pegasus in the same year.

2. Paul- about damn time. You have made magic real for a lot of people over the years.

3. Sooj- you already know. Mountains cannot stand before you. :)

4. Heather- another adoptee into our tribe. Yer loved, you know. :)

5. Jordin. Has. Never. Won. A. Pegasus. Until this year. :) The 'about damn time' for Paul goes 10 times for you.

6. I have to admit, I'm a bit biased on the Best Song winners. ;) However I feel about it, though- it's undeniable that filk history has been made. This is the first Pegasus awarded to non-native English speaking recipients. When announced, the entire banquet hall rose to their feet, applauding. Katy was both delighted and humbled by this outpouring for them; and I think her 'Holy shit!' acceptance speech pretty much conveys it. :)

For everyone who voted; thank you. I feel that this has been a particularly good year. :)
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