Caturday, with lots of kittens

Jul. 19th, 2017 02:45 pm
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Lots of kittens in the Kitten Room today! Four black ones and a tabby with white! Two of the black kittens, Fox and Jag, were playing like crazy, and batting at me as I was trying to fill out the form on their cage.


Sunshine was allowed out of her cage and wanted to get out of the room as well. A new cat is named Freud (above), and he is indeed a joy. He was very friendly with both Virginia and me.

Cat cushion

Ce n'est pas un chat. I kept looking at that cushion and thinking it was a sleeping cat, or maybe a tribble.

Two weeks ago, I talked to Virginia about getting scratched by cats, and Ladyslipper immediately scratched her. Last week I said I hadn't been scratched myself yet at the shelter, and this week Ladyslipper put an end to that record as I was cleaning a shelf next to her. I'd better be careful not to give her any more ideas.

Joni Mitchell was adopted. I hope her temperament is better in a home where she isn't surrounded by lots of other cats in close quarters.

A Hugo recommendation for next year

Jul. 18th, 2017 05:29 pm
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The truly wonderful What Football Will be Like in 17776 has finished so now's a great time to sit down and read it.

It's a lovely little SF piece. Be warned that you'll need to watch videos and animations as well as reading text. It's worth it, though.
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It turns out that there's no Music AH for Worldcon 75.

I mean, on one level, I'm not shedding any tears over screwups with the convention after they booted me (and the way it was done). But on the other hand, my friends are going to miss out on a lot of the activity they enjoy at the convention because there's nobody put it together.

Complicated feelings.

Galaxy on the Internet Archive

Jul. 14th, 2017 07:27 pm
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Loads of issues of Galaxy magazine are now available for free viewing on the Internet Archive. The first thing I found when browsing through was Ray Bradbury's "The Fireman."

SoundCloud alert

Jul. 13th, 2017 04:55 pm
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SoundCloud may be on the verge of collapse. Make sure you have copies of any files you've uploaded there, so you don't get caught by surprise.

Caturday: Come to the Sunshine

Jul. 12th, 2017 04:16 pm
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Sorry I'm later than usual posting this today. I had a root canal this afternoon. Then I stopped at Memories in Kingston for ice cream (mandatory post-dental work therapy). Then a cat ran across the road right in front of my car. I slammed on the brake and there was no bump, but it was frighteningly close.

But anyway, cat shelter. Sunshine is still there. So is Joni Mitchell. They make practically a cliché, some might say a racist one: The sweet, friendly white cat and the nasty black one. Joni was sitting on top of Sunshine's cage most of the time. While Virginia was taking care of Sunshine's cage, Joni took a swipe at her and scratched her forehead. Yes, two scratches in two weeks. Virginia put an inverted, empty litter box over Joni so she could finish; Joni seemed quite happy with the arrangement. It came crashing down to the floor about half an hour later.

There was a somewhat feral kitten named Donovan. He's already signed up for adoption. I think he'll come around once he's in a good home.

Cyan is still there. A very nice cat, but has special dietary needs. I'm sure he'll be adopted. Bongo is still there too. I really like him. Both of those cats are huge.

Kyoshi escaped while we were cleaning her cage and hid under it. We needed some staff assistance to get her out and back into her cage.

There was a cat that appeared to have front thumbs in the main room. Cue "Cats with Thumbs" (ttto "Cows with Guns").

Leavin' on a jet plane

Jul. 12th, 2017 12:46 pm
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I'm off to the wilds of Jackson, WY!

Working remotely until the end of the month so I can spend time with my girlfriend (who lives there).
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